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Oriane Mutabazi
Healer & Workshop Leader 
Co-host of this retreat 

Passionate about natural health, the benefits of plants and the functioning of the human body, Oriane Mutabazi is also the lucky heiress of ancestral healing gifts. As an occupational therapist in pediatrics since 2008, she was able to deploy her knowledge of the human body, her empathy and her great sensitivity. Extremely intuitive, she then followed the path of what attracted her since her childhood: care on the invisible energetic level.


Today, as an energy therapist, she heals with her hands, in person or at a distance. She also leads women's circles, in the way of ancestral Amerindian wisdom, meditation workshops, and organizes retreats and workshops focused on well-being and spirituality. Oriane lives in Correns, Provence with her partner and daughters.

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